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Marco Gallego

I produced the coffee you have in your hands!

Finca Santa Rosita

Marco is growing his coffee in Santa Rosita Farm, located just outside of San Roque, a small town in the central Andes of Colombia. Most of his coffee is shade-grown. The trees filter carbon dioxide, which causes global warming and also the trees aid in the soils moisture retention. It provides greater biodiversity for the bird habitat in the region. 

Santa Rosita has amazing spring water and waterfalls.




Marco has strict cherry selection criteria on his farm, once the cherries are picked he uses the washed process method. After screening, only the ripe cherries are allowed into the de-pulping machine. After fermentation, the coffee is washed and sun dried on patios and drying beds until 11% of humidity, then a coffee sample is taken to the Lab.

Parchment coffee is packaged and stored in the farm until lab results are available and price is agreed



Score: 84

Variety: Castillo, Typica

Beans: 100% Arabica

Taste: Delightful notes of forest fruit berries. Well balanced taste with a slight hint of chocolate.

Coffee Lab: Rituales




According to the score 84 Colombian Artisan Coffee offer to Marco 30% more than the market price. 

The coffee is shipped to the milling  in Medellin



The parchment is milled carefully by farm and screen size over 16 is packed in grain pro bags and coffee sacks to preserve the right humidity and quality.

The sacks from Finca Santa Rosita are ready to be exported from Colombia to the UK.

Cargo Ship


The microlot from Finca Santa Rosita is loaded in a container with other specialty coffee.

Update: March  the coffee arrives to the port in Cartagena Colombia

Update: June  the coffee has arrived to the UK

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