We source green coffee from some of the best coffee farms in Colombia. 

What we do

We work with coffee roasters and cafes in the UK and Ireland, connecting rural farming communities in Colombia which are economically under-developed, and until recently these regions have been affected by internal conflict.

Our way of working

We operate a collaborative supply chain. This involves all of the suppliers, intermediaries, and buyers acting as a community, to harness the strength of their combined production, access to international markets, and connect with coffee roasters in Europe who have a requirement for high quality, sustainable coffee.

We have a very close connection to the coffee growers, they are our family.

We nurture our local knowledge and cultural ties with the community that we serve in Colombia. Our goal is to make this remote area of Latin America a beacon of economic success. We bring our key roasters and clients to visit our farmers in Colombia. Our partners love to visit the farmers and help them with the coffee production process on our annual origin trips that occur during the main harvest in Colombia annually.  


We set aside part of our profit to help to fund local agricultural training and experimentation projects

Our motivation

We believe that by connecting our farmers with European roasters we support their local economy, while also delivering superb luxury green coffee to Europe. Coffee farmers often operate in small remote communities and have limited access to resources, our aim is to generate higher incomes and investment in this area and to counteract the effects of globalization and commoditisation.


We like our buyers to know as much as possible about the farmers who produce their beans- the hardships they face and the care they give to their trade. We are happy to show the price given to the farmers that reflects the quality and premium nature of their production.

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