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Gallego Microlot

Finca La Conejera, El Sendero, Santa Rosita and El Carmen

This is a micro-lot. The coffee is sourced from four different farms located in the Antioquia region between 1500 masl and 1800 masl. 

We know the origin of our coffee and we work with the farmers Wilmar, Gregorio, Guillermo, Marco in order to keep the quality of this micro-lot.

A perfect cup of coffee begins with the coffee crops. We take care of every stage-from when the farmers plant the seeds until you get your green beans.  We recognize that the best quality comes from hard work and we love developing coffee profiles for our roaster partners.



       November 2022 - January 2023

The farmers have a very strict cherry selection criteria. After screening, only the ripe cherries are allowed into the de-pulping machine. The fermentation process period takes between 28 to 32 hours after depulping. After fermentation, the coffee is washed and sun dried on patios and drying beds until 11% of humidity, then a coffee sample is taken to the Lab.

Parchment coffee is packaged in grain pro bags and stored in the farms until lab results are available and the price is agreed




Variety: Caturra,  Tabi, Castillo and Colombia

Beans: 100% Arabica

Taste: Delightful flavors of sweet caramel and dark chocolate

Coffee Lab: Rituales

Due to the onsite education provided by Colombian Artisan Coffee, the farmers keep improving their crops and this is reflected in the scores and cupping notes.


We continue experimenting with new methods according to the varieties and altitude in the farms.




                January -2023

According to the quality and profile Colombian Artisan Coffee offers to the farmers 25% more than the market price. 

The farmers happily agreed.

The coffee is weighed and stored in Colombian Artisan Coffee warehouse under the right conditions to preserve the right humidity and quality.

On January 16th, the coffee was shipped to the milling in Medellin.

The parchment is milled carefully, defects are removed and screen size over 14 is packed in grain pro bags to preserve the right humidity and quality.

The sacks of  Gallego Microlot are ready to be exported to the UK


gallego micro.jpg

  February 2023

The Gallego micro-lot from Fincas La Conejera, El Descanso, Santa Rosita and El Carmen is ready for export.



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