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Fincas: El Descanso, El Tractor, Villa Sierra

Over the mountain in La Sierra neighborhood, commune 8 of Medellín, there is a group of farmers who produce high-quality coffee. Now they can concentrate exclusively on the collection of their beans and Renacer process the beans, they are always looking for new methods to improve the quality of their coffee.

The coffee of this micro-lot was harvested in 3 farms of the region.





The farmers have a very strict cherry selection criteria on their farms, once the cherries are picked they bring them to the processing centre. After screening, only the ripe cherries are allowed into the fermentation process.

The fermentation's are restricted and they are divided into two parts.

The first fermentation happens in the cherry, where we look to activate the yeasts and it lasts for approximately 100 hours.
The second fermentation happens after de-pulping the cherries, this process is done at 17 ° C so that the lactobacillus work more effectively and this takes about 70 hours.


Total time for the fermentation's 170 hours.


After fermentation, the coffee is washed and sun-dried on patios and drying beds until 11% of humidity, then a coffee sample is taken to the Lab.



Score: 87,5

Varieties: Caturra, Bourbon, Typica

Beans: 100% Arabica

Taste: Delightful notes of papaya, banana, and cognac. Well balanced taste.

Coffee Lab: Rituales




According to the score 87,5 Colombian Artisan Coffee paid to the farmers 270% more than the coffee market price.

The coffee is weighed and transported to the milling.


June 2020


The parchment is milled carefully and screen size over 16 is packed in grain pro bags and coffee sacks to preserve the right humidity and quality.

The sacks from Renacer are ready to be exported from Colombia to the UK.