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Coffee Cherry Tea

Coffee Cherry Tea is the dried berries (or "cherries") of the coffee plant.


The flavor of the coffee cherry tea is different than coffee, it is soft and delicated and it has been described as somewhat sweet and cherry flavored, surprisingly pleasant

Coffee Cherry Tea is an exotic beverage, it comes from the coffee plant but the drink doesn’t taste anything like coffee. Coffee Cherry Tea is described as a sweet, fruity taste with notes of honey. This tea does not have the same caffeine content as coffee.


In the post “Cascara and Caffeine” on the Square Mile Coffee Blog, Anette Moldvaer explains that Square Mile sent a sample of Coffee Cherry Tea to a lab in Germany to test exactly how much caffeine the drink contains. Moldvaer reports: “As expected, ratio of cascara to water has an impact on the caffeine content of the final beverage, while steep time seems to make little difference.

Surprisingly, we found the caffeine content to be fairly low. Even at the strongest, longest brew, the caffeine content of cascara came in at 111.4 mg/L, compared to broad range of about 400-800 mg/L in brewed coffee.”

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