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Paola Orozco

I produced the coffee you have in your hands!

Finca La Victoria

Paola is a coffee producer from Planadas Tolima. She is so proud to bring new varieties to the family coffee farm and this Laurina is an example, one of the most prominent low-caf coffees in the world. A special coffee with little caffeine by nature, it contains only half as much caffeine, 0.3 - 0.7%, as normal roasts.


According to Christophe Montagnon, the CEO of RD2 Vision, a company that advises on coffee R&D. “Bourbon Pointu, or Laurina, is most likely a mutation of the Bourbon that was cultivated in La Réunion. The arabica Bourbon variety [originates] from La Réunion, [which was named] Île Bourbon in the past.”

The island of Réunion is east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean.


The beans of our Laurina were processed at La Victoria coffee farm, by Paola and the Orozco Family.




Sept-Oct 2022


This is the first harvest that Paola produces with the Laurina cultivar. After many years of persistence and losing many of the trees the Orozco Family planted, due to the adaptation to the farm conditions.

We paid 350% more than the market price



Score: 89

Variety: Laurina, Bourbon Pointu

Beans: 100% Arabica

Taste: A full, velvety body and sweet notes of peach and clementines.


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