New coffee
Renewing coffee trees at Finca La Conejera
Coffee Flowers
The coffee plant, usually flowers after the first showers of the rainy season, right after the dry season. An adult tree can have 30,000 to 40,000 flowers. This is the time when the flowers’ properties have to be interpreted correctly with respect to the upcoming yield.
Getting ready
Both the flower shoot and the fruit set of the coffee flower, the fragrance, give some indication of the possible quantity of the expected coffee crop
Finca La Mariela
This is Ivan's farm. The place where Marco and Ana (his parents) raised 19 kids, mainly producing coffee and sugar cane.
Finca La Conejera
This is Gregorio's farm. The farm is located on top of a mountain in the central Andes 1,500 meters above sea-level. The farm contains 40% Colombian, 50% Castillo and 10% Caturra variety. The family house is also used for pulping, fermenting, washing and drying.
Ivan is the oldest of 19 children. He has a wealth of knowledge growing coffee from his many years of experience running his fathers and his own farms.

His coffee expertise and skill is reflected with his score.
Luz Amparo
Luz has a very strict cherry selection criteria on her farm.

Luz has been a coffee farmer since she was 7 years old helping her mother. At the age of 9 she was the owner of 50 coffee trees. Since then, she loves her profession and is keen to care for the environment by using clean and natural coffee production.
Francisco and Edilma
The farm is located at 1,450 meters above sea-level. The farm contains 100% Castillo variety. The family house is also used for pulping, fermenting washing and drying. Dona Edilma his wife is the quality controller for the processing at home.
Packing the sacks for UK market
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