Gregorio Gallego

Finca La Conejera

Gregorio's farm is located on top of a mountain in the central Andes of Colombia. The farm contains Bourbon, Caturra, Colombia and Castillo varieties. The family house is also used for pulping, fermenting, washing and drying.​

Due to the economic, institutional and security problems that affect the coffee-growing industry in Colombia, many local families have been indirectly forcing younger generations out of the region and into the bigger cities in search of better opportunities, but Gregorio was one of his 9 brothers who wanted to be a farmer as his father instead of moving to Medellin.

Gregorio is a coffee farmer and a beekeeper.



Two years without chemicals

Gregorio started this journey 3 years ago when he stopped using fertilizers with chemicals. His motivation started when he had the idea to bring some bees to the farm but unfortunately, they left.

He is producing every component that the soil and the coffee trees need in a natural way and stopping the use of fertilizers the bees are back in the farm and they are producing amazing honey with oranges and coffee notes plus the coffee trees are producing more.


Bees play a big role in agriculture. They pollinate crops, increase yields, and give rise to a lucrative honey industry. Bees are so important, in fact, that millions are spent renting hives to pollinate farmers’ crops.