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A perfect cup of coffee begins with the coffee crops, we take care of every stage from when we plant the seeds until your drinking a cup of our coffee. Pure, single-estate specialty coffee with distinct flavours grown in the central Andes of Colombia.

We know the origin of our coffee and we work with the farmers in order to keep high quality standards during the whole production process. In order to do this we provide onsite education by coffee experts from Medellin, they teach the farmers new methods according to the varieties. Colombian Artisan Coffee recognize the hard work of our farmers and for this season we have already paid them 20% more than the cooperative and the market price. Please enjoy your coffee because we took care of every step.

Colombian Artisan Coffee makes it a priority to trade in specialty coffee, which is more beneficial for coffee farmers, who are payed more for processing high quality coffee, since it requires more attentive handling but also fetches higher prices in the market. Combined with direct trade, which eliminates middlemen, the result is a significantly higher income for the coffee farmers and their families. Changing the way Colombian coffee is traded and directly sourced, adding better value for the coffee communities in San Roque. Colombian Artisan Coffee will be dedicating a portion of profits to community projects that involve bettering the coffee production chain which in turn helps the people living in San Roque. 

Direct Trade benefits everyone in this value chain, it is more beneficial for our farmers than any Trade certification

What Colombian Artisan Coffee does

We source green coffee from 20 farmers in Antioquia, and work with coffee roasting companies in the UK and Ireland, buying coffee from rural farming communities in a part of Latin America which is economically under-developed and until recently the region has been affected by internal conflict.

Our way of working

We operate a collaborative supply chain. This involves all of the suppliers, intermediaries and buyers acting as a community, to harness the strength of their combined production, access to international markets and connection with the consumers in Europe who have a requirement for high quality, sustainable products. We have a very close connection to the growers themselves and to the specialists who process the crops and take care of the milling and export. We nurture our local knowledge and cultural ties to the community we serve in Colombia and our goal is to make this remote area of Latin America a beacon of economic success. Our marketing in the UK and Ireland creates access to credit, which allows us to pre-purchase some of the crop. In addition, we set aside part of our profit to help to fund local agricultural training and educational projects.

Our motivation

We believe that by connecting the parts of the chain in this way, we can improve the lot of our farmers and their local economy, while also delivering superb produce to the consumer in Europe. Coffee farmers often operate in small remote communities and have limited access to resources which can help their work and families to flourish. Our aim is to generate higher incomes and investment in this area and to counteract the effects of globalization and commoditisation.


We like our buyers to know as much as possible about the farmers who produce their daily beans- the hardships they face and the care they give to their trade. We are happy to show the price given to the farmers and to demonstrate that it is above any competing offer at all times, to reflect the quality and premium nature of their production.


We know all the people involved in our supply chain and can vouch for their integrity and transparency. Production and delivery problems may sometimes arise, but if everyone is informed about them, they can be surmounted without sacrificing any of our values.

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